Year 30, May 18

One of those days where you need to shift your approach to the week and ask yourself:   Or any one you admire for that matter.  Today starts the second week of my candida program. The four week cycle is the first of 3-6 rounds I must complete to completely rebalance my body. With the … More Year 30, May 18

Have you ever…

Instagram stalked your favorite Internet-famed celebrities and scrolled through who they were following because it was a glimpse into who they were influenced by? It’s like peeking into their tribe. Bonus when they follow the same people you do. We are so alike cause because we follow the same peeps! 😭        

Year 30, May 16

This is a shout out to yesterday. Chris Guillebeau was in Pasadena going a book signing at Vromans and I totally forgot! It was already 9pm and the bookstore was already closed but Derrick suggested we go anyways to see if perhaps Chris was still there. As we walked to the bookstore we saw the … More Year 30, May 16

Mornings in bed…

So usually in the mornings my alarm goes off at 7 and I wake up to take my candida fighting supplements and stay in bed for another half hour Pinteresting or Instagram stalking. So I thought I might as well start each morning with live journaling. Something I miss doing and always say I never … More Mornings in bed…

Cold Busters Tips

The rain has finally come LA. Great for the California drought but bad for the crazy cold season going on. So this week I’ll be sharing some tips I’ve rounded up from my doctor and my mom to keep you well equipped for this cold season. Cold/Flu Tonic:  1 TBSP of Apple Cider Vinegar 1 TBSP … More Cold Busters Tips