Year 30, May 18

One of those days where you need to shift your approach to the week and ask yourself:

Or any one you admire for that matter. 

Today starts the second week of my candida program. The four week cycle is the first of 3-6 rounds I must complete to completely rebalance my body. With the die off reactions of fatigue, nausea, and headaches I sometimes can’t even find the strength to get through the day. But I find channeling my thoughts and shifting my mindset outside of my own gives me some power of mind over matter. 

If Khaleesi is faced with fatigue, stress, and sugar cravings would she give in and let these bad habits over throw her control of her healing body? No, she would understand what her enemies are doing and see that those are reactions signs of temporary weakness that the body is eradicating…

And yup I just compared Candida to GOT! 😅


…go away candida, you’re embarrassing me. 


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