Year 30, May 16

This is a shout out to yesterday. Chris Guillebeau was in Pasadena going a book signing at Vromans and I totally forgot! It was already 9pm and the bookstore was already closed but Derrick suggested we go anyways to see if perhaps Chris was still there. As we walked to the bookstore we saw the lights were turned off and book staff closing out the registers. I was totally bummed! I missed Chris who was in my part of town! As we were about to leave, we saw Chris leaving the book store! Had a 5 min chat about wds and his books because he had to leave for the next town in his tour but it totally made my Monday. He is the most sincere and down to earth guy you’ll meet. If I could make up my brain trust of advisors Chris Guillebeau would definitely be in it. 

Read for the day: How to make you weekdays feel more like weekends by Cupcakes and Cashmere. 

Bumping in to Chris totally makes my Monday feel like it was sprinkled with some Saturday!


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