Daybreakers: Good morning world, let’s dance! 

Have you ever wanted to wake up at 5:30 in the morning and jump on a boat with a bunch of people and dance the morning away until around 8:30 when you settled down and drive into work?

No? Not your thing? Well you’ve never experienced something like LA Daybreakers. I’ve heard about this event through a couple of my awesome coworkers who’ve attended before.

This LA Breakers event was held on a cruise boat in Marina Del Rey and marked a very special one year anniversary of the first daybreakers event.

The early morning began with a beautiful sun rise and an amazing breakfast bar where we were served KIND bars, Noosh yogurt, kombacha, juices, and coffee. Onced we were fueled we headed to the top deck where we have tribal markings created to unite us as a group of morning shakers. The designs were beautifully created by a group called called Tribal Markers.

Then the fun began, an epic dance party to the next two hours where we let loose and bust a move! There was a main DJ though there were little preformances sprinkled about including a trumpet band and a mini swimming dance show.


Then before I knew it the morning is over and all I felt was this amazing positive energy that carried me over to the rest of my day.
Thank you so much Burchin and Tania for convincing me to wake up at the crack of dawn to join you guys in dancing off our morning. 🙂 it was one of the best feelings ever!


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