A Tribute to a Legendary Maker and Shaker

This post is to honor the late Live Your Legend creator, Scott Dinsmore. He passed away this month. For those of you who haven’t heard of him, he was the ultimate pep talker and life coach that the dreamers and doers needed.

I heard about Scott and his initiative a few years back when I began my journey discovering there was a way to live a remarkable life in a conventional world. It was absolutely Scott’s drive, passion and honesty that help me understand how to change my life to become more meaningful. 

I joined his tribe of LYLers and took his course LOYP. I loved everything about it. Everything he wrote struck a chord. The world needed his charisma and positivity. 

To Scott,

Thank you. Thank you for believing in all of us dreamers and doers out there. You brought us one step closer to believing in ourselves and created a wonderful community of living legends.  

I will do my best to carry the vision you passionately spoke of.

Photo with Scott at WDS 2014

Scott once listed some interesting facts about himself to show his true authenticity. One fact is that he likes to do handstands when the sun sets.

photos courtesy of Scott’s instagram
Here’s to honoring Scott’s wonderful life that sunsetted too soon. I’m not very good at handstands like Scott or Chelsea but it will be my small reminder to live a courageous life like his.


In honor of Scott, Chelsea, and the LYL community.
Stay strong LYLers it’s time to live our legends. 


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