Dear Family, Friends, and Reader…

I’ve been keeping a secret from you for a while now. And it might be a little hard for you to believe.

I’m not well.

I don’t have cancer….or a terminal illness… or part-take in substance abuse. I’m not over weight, or an alcoholic, or bulimic.

No….I’m still that silly girl who can make you laugh. I’m still your tiny short friend, whine-y travel buddy, and evil laugh maven (muhahaha). I’m still your pep-talker and your tree-hug style hugger… But I am fighting something big.

Over the past few years I have been getting weaker, sicker, and not feeling like my true self. Small incidents like painful headaches, panic attacks, and eczema flare ups were slowly draining me and I didn’t think much of it. For as young as I remember I always had the itchy dry skin and the sensitive stomach. I got better over time with prescription creams, medication and eating the “healthy” Asian American diet. But only recently, with the help of a knowledgeable naturopathic doctor, was I able to connect the dots.

Since birth I’ve been fighting an autoimmune ghost. One that I wasn’t aware of. And now, twenty-nine years later, I find that this monster is appearing in full form and is controlling my body, my mind, and my ability to live full and happy life. By growing up in a Western society where multiple medications were prescribed and the convenience of the fast stir fried food were family dinner meals, my body built up serious poison. It accumulated so many toxins that my body is hurting itself. Healthy “defender” cells can no longer tell what are good cells and nutrients and what are bad. My body is breaking down.

I’m in the fight of my life –to take back control of my body through major lifestyle shifts. Everything in my life has been challenged. The things I eat, the environment I live in, and even my mindset. 

I created this blog as a journal to share my story and to find a way to heal myself. I hope you support me in this effort to change my life around.

With Gratitude,



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